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5,000 sessions / month
Limited Email Support


50,000 sessions / month
Email Support


150,000 sessions / month
Phone Support


50MM+ sessions / month
Onsite Support
Heap SQL
Data Export
Account Manager
Invoice Billing
Custom Data Retention


What is a "session"?

A session is a period of activity from a single user in your app or website. It can include many pageviews or events. For web, a session ends after 30 minutes of inactivity from the user. For iOS, a session ends after your app has entered the background.

Also, 4 server-side events are priced the same as a single session. Server-side events are counted differently because they aren't associated with any sessions.

What happens if I exceed the limit for my plan?

Don't worry - we will not drop or throttle your data!

Once you exceed your plan's monthly limit, you'll receive an email asking you to upgrade to the appropriate tier. You'll need to do this before you can view your data again.

How can I get more than 5,000 free sessions per month?

You can get 50,000 sessions per month for free! Just add the Heap badge to your website to unlock the Startup plan (value of $249/month) at zero extra cost.

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