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"Heap feels like pure magic."

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Heaps of Love from Twitter

Some of Our Heappy Users
If you're building anything and not using @heap, you're doing it wrong. There is no better analytics product. Period.
If you care about accessible analytics and *easy* event tracking, you need to check out @heap. I'll leave it at that.
Heap's automatic iOS event logging is a game changer … No-brainer to use this since you can query anything afterwards.
Ok. @heap Analytics is our new addiction. It answers questions we didn't think about a month ago. Awesome.
I highly recommend @heap to anyone building a product on the web these days. Best analytics product I've seen.

Customer Stories

Stories from some of our fastest-growing customers
With Heap, we make no sacrifices when it comes to the robustness of our data. It’s a game changer."
Through A/B testing analysis with Heap, the Casper team was able to boost checkout conversions by 20%.
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Heap is the only tool I’ve encountered that lets everyone instantly answer business questions."
Heap helps Lending Club boost conversions by uncovering hidden points of friction in their customer experience.
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Heap allows us to push code seamlessly without stressing about it from an analytics perspective."
By performing exploratory analysis in Heap, theSkimm took a data-driven approach to product iteration and quadrupled daily user conversions.
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We’ve closed the feedback loop to the point that there isn’t a feedback loop anymore.”
Using Heap's retroactive analysis capability and intuitive interface, The Atlantic answers questions immediately after questions are asked.
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Anyone can poke around on their own without having analytics experience."
Heap opened up data to people at who didn’t have access before, leading to some unexpected wins.
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Heap scales with you as you move as an organization, it naturally is a solution that fits anywhere from startup all the way through enterprise."
Shri and his team build a more complete view of their users by combining Heap with different data sources across multiple devices to create singular user profiles.
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As an organization, we’ve become far more data-driven."
Bill and his team have been using insights found through Heap to help guide every product decision.
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Tracking new events used to take a month. With Heap, we can get the information we need in just an hour."
CrunchBase uses Heap to power product development, measure marketing, and bring data visibility to their entire organization.
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Heap feels like pure magic."
Heap helps Paul's team at Zendesk iterate quickly on marketing campaigns by always having the data they need to answer any question.
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Heap will make you look like a genius."
Tyler uses Heap to help personalize campaigns and identify the company’s most successful acquisition channels.
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It used to take a week to answer a question. Using Heap, we can take action in less than 15-20 minutes."
Through deep investigative analysis, Heap helped David and team at NatureBox boost conversions 5x in just six weeks.
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