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If you're building anything and not using @heap, you're doing it wrong. There is no better analytics product. Period.
If you care about accessible analytics and *easy* event tracking, you need to check out @heap. I'll leave it at that.
Heap's automatic iOS event logging is a game changer https://heapanalytics.com/ios-event-visualizer … No-brainer to use this since you can query anything afterwards.
Ok. @heap Analytics is our new addiction. It answers questions we didn't think about a month ago. Awesome.
I highly recommend @heap to anyone building a product on the web these days. Best analytics product I've seen.

Customer Stories

Stories from some of our fastest-growing customers
With Heap, we make no sacrifices when it comes to the robustness of our data. It’s a game changer."
Through A/B testing analysis with Heap, the Casper team was able to boost checkout conversions by 20%.
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Heap has empowered us to make decisions based on data...We have such granular info about our users that we never had before."
Heap offered the visibility into user behavior that Sur La Table needed to achieve a higher average order value and improve overall conversion.
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Access to data was key. Heap has become the link between data that has historically lived in different silos and has enabled us to do more."
Heap has helped ThirdLove boost conversion through A/B testing analysis to uncover and optimize points of friction in the user experience.
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I simultaneously installed the Mixpanel, Amplitude, and Heap scripts. Ten minutes later, we’re getting all of this data in Heap, and nothing in the others. Heap just worked."
Heap helps Lending Club boost conversions by uncovering hidden points of friction in their customer experience.
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Heap allows us to push code seamlessly without stressing about it from an analytics perspective."
By performing exploratory analysis in Heap, theSkimm took a data-driven approach to product iteration and quadrupled daily user conversions.
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Heap is like water. I can't even imagine a world without Heap for us."
With Heap, Instapage has saved 25-30% of engineering time and has centralized data across silos for a unified customer view and more collaboration around data.
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We’ve closed the feedback loop to the point that there isn’t a feedback loop anymore."
Using Heap's retroactive analysis capability and intuitive interface, The Atlantic answers questions immediately after questions are asked.
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Heap removes the idea of a gatekeeper to information. It’s so easy to use that anyone can login and poke around on their own without having analytics experience."
Heap opened up data to people at DonorsChoose.org who didn’t have access before, leading to some unexpected wins.
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Heap scales with you as you move as an organization, it naturally is a solution that fits anywhere from startup all the way through enterprise."
Shri and his team build a more complete view of their users by combining Heap with different data sources across multiple devices to create singular user profiles.
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As an organization, we've become far more data-driven."
Bill and his team have been using insights found through Heap to help guide every product decision.
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Tracking new events used to take a month. With Heap, we can get the information we need in just an hour."
CrunchBase uses Heap to power product development, measure marketing, and bring data visibility to their entire organization.
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Heap feels like pure magic. We don't have to try to imagine every way an end-user will interact with a marketing campaign beforehand."
Heap helps Paul's team at Zendesk iterate quickly on marketing campaigns by always having the data they need to answer any question.
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Heap will make you look like a genius."
Tyler uses Heap to help personalize campaigns and identify the company’s most successful acquisition channels.
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It used to take a week to answer a question. Using Heap, we can take action in less than 15-20 minutes."
Through deep investigative analysis, Heap helped David and team at NatureBox boost conversions 5x in just six weeks.
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The data coming in from Heap is accurate, accessible to all stakeholders, and is used with confidence in our decision-making."
Heap helped the Instapage team move from a hard-to-use analytics stack spread across multiple silos to a single source of truth about user behavior.
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For an agile, high-growth company, a product that doesn’t have a heavy implementation cost and that will scale with your decision making as it becomes more sophisticated is very appealing."
With Heap, the Klaviyo team sees analytics as a competitive advantage rather than a necessary evil.
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Our product managers have adopted measurement in everything they do, and now, data is the central part of every discussion and decision."
Heap helped Grow reduce their customers' time-to-value by over 5x.
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After fully rolling out Heap, the Envoy team for the first time ever had a complete picture of our entire user journey. Heap’s automatic data capture meant they no longer had gaps in their understanding of their users."
Heap gave Envoy the complete dataset to look at user acquisition for the first time ever.
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When Heap showed us, with specificity, how the fourth step in our funnel was broken, we were able to make meaningful improvements to our pre-pop experience."
OppLoans used Heap to optimize their funnel and see a seven - figure lift in issued principle annually.
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