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Codelessly combine attribution, user behavior, and data from your Shopify Store. Learn more.

Auto-track the entire customer journey

Heap automatically captures every customer touchpoint. No more tracking plans, tracking code, or tags. Get answers in seconds and make decisions faster.

Insight Automation Infrastructure

Now you can automate how data is captured and organized so you can unlock your finest minds to do what they do best: ask and answer questions.

…or do it the hard way

Automate away the annoying parts

We help businesses make faster, better decisions

Track Everything Automatically

Auto-capture every customer touchpoint in your web or mobile app--without custom code. Also vacuum data from Salesforce, Marketo, Optimizely, Stripe, Mailchimp, and more.

Control Your Data

Legacy tools force you to rewrite tracking code and tags when you rename events or change how your data is structured. Now non-destructive data modeling flexibly decouples your definitions from your data.

Retroactive Data Warehouse

Visually define an event, auto-sync to your SQL data warehouse, and retroactively get all historical data for the event from the day you installed Heap.

“Heap is the only tool I’ve encountered that lets everyone instantly answer business questions.”

Alan D’Souza
Alan D’Souza, Director of Product Analytics

Within days of signing up for Heap, Lending Club found insights that drove massive improvements in conversion.

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