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Measure the Impact of Behaviors

Modern marketers should measure real behavior, not just visits. Finally, see how behavior influences conversion.

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  • Unify Omnichannel Journeys

    As customers switch from web to phone to email, Heap creates one accurate identity and ties together every behavior.

  • Measure Behavior, Not Just Channels

    Determine which behaviors, pageviews, or marketing channels are most influential to conversion or completion of a particular KPI.

  • Auto Capture Everything

    Easily & retroactively measure the influence of marketing efforts without implementing any code.

  • Codeless, Flexible, and Fast

    Change behaviors, channels, and conversion events on the fly—without developers. Faster insights, more control.

See Heap's Influence Reporting in Action

Thousands of companies choose Heap for automatic, retroactive insights. Companies like Sur la Table, Microsoft, and OppLoans use Heap to optimize their customer’s experience.

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“Heap allowed us to stop relying on multiple vendors for marketing attribution. We finally had a complete, centralized view of which campaigns were associated with outcomes. Heap allows us to get granular on who is doing what, when, and how. For the first time, we’re able to do marketing attribution on our own rather than relying on third party tools.”

Arvind Ramesh
Arvind Ramesh, Envoy

See Influence Reporting in Action

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