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See every action before a conversion. Expose friction in your user flows and measure the effectiveness of your A/B tests.

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  • Retroactive Funnels

    Dynamically change your funnel events. Discover which page or even which form field is causing users to drop off, and compare how cohorts convert.

  • Auto-Capture A/B Testing Data

    Understand how A/B tests influence your customers’ entire experience with Heap’s one click integration. Codelessly enrich your user behavior data with data from your A/B testing suite (Optimizely, VWO, Monetate, etc.)

  • Behavioral Segmentation

    Does reading reviews, blogposts, or white papers correlate with higher conversion rates? Unlike Google and Adobe, use behavior in your segments.

Thousands of companies choose Heap for automatic, retroactive insights. Companies like LendingClub, Payless, Endurance, and Harman rely on Heap to identify points of friction in the customer experience.

Learn how OppLoans used Heap to achieve a 7 figure lift »

“Heap enabled us to identify and eliminate friction in the customer experience. When Heap showed us, with specificity, how the fourth step in our funnel was broken, we were able to make meaningful improvements to our pre-pop experience. This resulted in a seven-figure lift in new issued principle annually”

Matt Gomes
Matt Gomes, Director of Marketing

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