The Easiest Possible Integration

You don't need to write any tracking code.
Just add events by tapping around your website or iOS app.

Point-and-Click Analytics

For the first time, you can setup event-tracking without pushing code. The Event Visualizer lets you define analytics events by simply performing the action yourself. Anyone in your company can setup a conversion funnel or retention report in seconds.

Available for Mobile Apps and Websites

The Event Visualizer is available for native iOS apps and web apps. Pull up your app on a device or simulator, and you're ready to start defining events. No tracking code, no shipping updates to the App Store, no waiting for users to download the latest version of your app, and no waiting for data to trickle in.

Retroactive From Day One

Never worry about lost data. Like everything else in Heap, the Event Visualizer defines events across all of your app's historical data. Click on an element, and you'll immediately see retroactive stats on the interaction, ensuring you've pinpointed the right event.

Data You'll Understand

Keeping track of event names can be confusing. You can't trust your data unless you know exactly what it means. With the Event Visualizer, just hover over an event, and you'll see which element it corresponds to on your website.

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