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Meet Your Users

See each one of your users, along with every action they've taken.
Segment users behaviorally, or attach your own metadata to them.

User-Level Activity Streams

Heap's List view lets you search for any user and observe every action they've ever done. Use the List view to identify a high-value lead and better tailor your sales pitch, or just explore the unexpected paths people take within your app. Activity is displayed in real-time, so you can see exactly what's happening in your app right now.

Powerful Segment Analysis

Heap provides a flexible yet easy-to-use interface for defining segments. Define "High-value Customers" as users who've made at least 5 purchases in the past week. Or define "Active Users" as users who've logged in at least 2 times and uploaded a profile image. You can limit reports to a user segment and better understand how certain segments differ from others users.

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