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Your Analytics Warehouse

Direct SQL access to your retroactive Heap data.
Automatically managed for you in Redshift. No ETL required.

Step 1
Define an event in Heap.
Step 2
Query the event with SQL.
Heap SQL powers insights for:

Retroactive. Just Like Heap.

Never worry again about data turning stale. Heap SQL is a dynamic data warehouse. Define an event within Heap's UI, and in just a few hours, you can query it in SQL. The best part? Heap SQL includes all historical data for the event from the day you installed Heap.

Direct SQL Access

Enjoy full access to your event data, powered by Amazon Redshift. Let Heap host the data, or host it on your own cluster. Run advanced SQL queries, build custom user models, or join Heap with your own internal data sources.

The Old Way

Automatically Managed

Don't waste time maintaining an analytics cluster. Tracked a new data point? Deleted an event? No problem. Heap SQL automatically stays in sync with your user data. It even tunes your cluster to ensure the fastest querying speeds.

The Heap Way

Connect to Your Favorite BI Tools

With Heap SQL, you can seamlessly connect your user analytics data to all of your favorite business intelligence tools: Tableau, Domo, Chartio, Looker, GoodData, and more.

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