Capture everything users do in your app

Automatically capture every user interaction. No coding or IT help needed.
We track clicks, taps, gestures, form submissions, page views, and more.

Over 5,000 companies use Heap


User Behavior Trends

You don't need any help from your IT department to set this up. It just works. 

Find out which users are clicking buttons and what gets them to do it.

Once you've constructed a report, you can share it with your teammates.

Pinpoint Where Users Drop Off

Funnels let you see exactly where users drop off in a multi-step process.

Highly-Targeted Funnels

Filter a funnel to an exact slice of your userbase. Know everything about your users.

Connect to BI Tools

Connect Heap to your favorite business intelligence tools, including Tableau, Domo, Chartio, Looker, GoodData, and more.

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