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iOS Troubleshooting

Our iOS installation is designed to be as effortless as possible, but occasionally there are installation issues for some apps. If your issue isn't addressed here, please email us at

It's good practice to keep your iOS SDK up to date. You can find the version number in Heap.h.

Cocoapods “Undefined symbols for architecture armv7s: _OBJC_CLASS_$_Heap”

This compiler error means that the Heap static library isn't being linked into your app. The most common cause of this is an overridden LIBRARY_SEARCH_PATHS in your project. If you have any values in this setting, make sure $(inherited) is the last entry.

Empty screen views and no events

This can occur when parts of the Heap library aren't loaded at runtime. Usually, adding the -all_load and -ObjC flags to Other Linker Flags will resolve this issue.

Crash log includes heap_sendEvent

To capture all events, Heap installs a method swizzle on UIApplication that captures the event before passing it off to the original listener. So if the event listener causes a crash, Heap will still appear in the stack trace even though Heap is not at fault. However, if you think Heap caused a crash, please send us the crash report and we'll look at it immediately.