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Heap SQL Guide: Introduction

Heap SQL is analytics infrastructure that powers your entire company. With Heap SQL, you can tackle complex analysis and directly query your raw event data. A few things you might want to use Heap SQL for include:

Because Heap SQL includes all historical data from the day you installed Heap, Heap SQL gives you a uniquely complete and always up-to-date dataset to analyze, for whatever you and your team may need.

How to Use this Guide

To help you make best use of this powerful tool, we teamed up with Mode to bring you an interactive guide featuring several common queries you can run, whether you’d like to access metrics like average time on site, perform detailed revenue analysis, or build lists using a particular attribution model. The visualizations can take a few seconds to load within our docs, but you can view all the reports here.

To view the actual queries behind our embedded interactive visualizations, just click the “Results a la Mode” at the bottom of each visualization or the hamburger in the top right hand corner to expand and explore. When copying over the query to your BI tool make sure to update the schema name from heap to main_production (or any other schema you are querying).

You can also view a complete list of SQL queries here. If you’d like a walkthrough of the full power of Heap SQL or need any assistance, just reach out to We’d love to help!

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