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Getting Started With Heap

We've put together a series of videos that will get you up to speed with Heap's features. If you haven't installed Heap yet, take a look at our installation instructions first.


The first step to getting interesting insights from Heap is defining events. This video will teach you a few ways of defining events without writing any code.


Funnels are a way to see how many users make it through a multi-step process in your product. You can measure your signup conversion rate, or what percentage of people make it all the way through a survey.


Heap's List view lets you see what your users are doing in your product at an unprecedented level of detail. You can see a chronological view of every event a user performs in your website or mobile app, including pageviews, clicks, touches, and swipes.


Graphs allow you to see trends over time, do segmentation analysis and more.


Someone just signed up in your app. But will they come back tomorrow? How about a week, a month, or a year from now? Retention reports let you answer these questions and more. You can learn what factors influence churn, engagement, and time to activation.


In Heap, events are the key building blocks of your reports. But another important building block are segments. A segment is any subset of your users.

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