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Email Reports

Heap allows you to schedule daily and weekly emails to yourself and others based on existing reports you've saved. Email reports offer week-over-week or month-over-month analysis of your query, letting you see important trends in data over time at a glance.

To get started, first make sure you've got your time zone set correctly under Account -> Settings -> General -> Time Zone.

Daily emails are sent at 8 AM in whichever time zone you've set in your account. Weekly emails are sent at the same time on Mondays. Monthly emails are sent at the same time on the first Monday of the month. For non-teammates, they will get emails based on the timezone in the admin account.

After you've selected a time zone, either open up an existing report (via the Reports tab), or create a new one by clicking Save Report on any query you've run.

Then, click on Email Settings. You can add email addresses of intended recipients under Email Recipients and configure the email frequency (Daily, Weekly, Monthly, or Never) under Email Frequency.

Please note that email reports send only data from the production environment in each Project.