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Account & Settings

You can access your account settings by clicking on Account, then on Settings. From there, you can add teammates, manage your projects and environments, and update which IPs are excluded from data collection.


If you want someone from your team to be able to access your Heap account, just enter their email address and click Invite. Teammates have the same privileges as the account admin, and they have access to all projects and environments. If you want to limit a teammate's access to Heap, you can toggle read-only mode.

Read-only access will limit a teammate such that they can only view definitions, run queries, and view reports. They are unable to delete or edit definitions, reports, projects & environments, and excluded IPs.

Projects & Environments

Projects are entirely isolated from one another. A new project starts as a clean slate. They have no data, definitions or reports defined. You can create new projects by typing in a project name and clicking on Create Project. All projects start with an environment named Production.

Environments are attached to a specific project, and a new environment within a project will carry over existing definitions, as well as reports, but it will contain no data. Add a new environment by clicking Add Environment within the project you want to add it to, then enter a name and click Create.

To quickly look at reports and data on a different environment, you can change your environment by clicking on the dropdown in the top left of the dashboard.

Exclude IPs

You can add IP addresses that you want Heap to ignore data from. Add one IP address per line, or include a wildcard to block an entire range.

This will block all data collection from those IPs, but it is not retroactive. Existing data from that IP will remain. If you remove an IP from the list, data will begin collecting again, but there will be no data available from when the IP was blocked. IPs that are blocked may see a 403 Forbidden error in their console if your site uses the heap.identify or heap.addUserProperties API calls.


If you are experiencing any issues with queries, or delayed data arrival, please check our status page, and if nothing is listed, don't hesitate to contact support.

Closing Your Account

Please send an email to support, and we'll close your account and remove any data at your request. You can also click on the Talk to Us tab at the bottom right of the page and let us know.